The project

20 Dec

The project



This is a quick and short intro to the project.

Got invited to participate in something big to get some programers to hang out together and participate in helping in various opensource projects. While we do try to focus on the security aspects of things, we dont just restrict ourselves to just that. Its first of all something that we do for fun.


With the amount of privacy concerns in mauritius, and how slow the legal system in mauritius is, it is a must for people to secure themselves and keep their private information… Well private!


The great thing about it is we have some nice sponsors who spoils us at times and we get to have some fun at the same time. Nothing is asked in return. We just get to do stuffs we like.


considering how am already in love woth my job, 🙂 this now makes things even nicer.


The key element is ofcourse passion and the curiousity to push things further.


Its crazy how the rankings for went up lately, there were even some wannabes who tried to claim they were members also 🙂 , while some sulk at why they are not a member and will not understand the pun behind the 90s look of the website.


There is who is a major player in, he did some quite interesting work lately, plus with his current committing pattern, one might think this guy doesnt sleep!

There is also of who is doing some fine work and has a patch contributed already. 

Other members include anoop and a few others who just prefer to lurk in the dark and just do their stuffs silently and stealthily.


🙂 we consider ourselves as a team of professionals with an interesting hobby and quest to empower people in Mauritius in terms of not just privacy and security, put as a hope to inspire all those coders accross the island who is fed up of the usual bullshit of funny attention seeking charlatans.


The key element to be invited seems  to be passion, sense of humor, hacking (well you need to code and be able to take on a mission, learn quick and jump in the code) and humility (its fair to be a jerk to incompetent arrogant braggers though 🙂 lol their reaction are always worth it!)!


I guess I have said enough of the good things happening. Lets hope the various Christmas gifts in forms of patches that some members have been busy hacking for you on  Christmas makes you happy and feel more secure.


(note there may be typos :p it is 6:45 am currently, but i just realized i was receiving some nice traffic, thought i’d write this up).


and yea am at also!


Ps. Keep on contributing to the various projects 🙂 who knows you might get an invite for the cool ride soon with an invite to join us :).


funny quote of the day:  reverse(trim(“shit”, “t”));

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