Hi, My name is Pirabarlen, most people know me as Selven.  I am from Mauritius, more specifically a beautiful part of the southern coast called L’escalier.  I love my hometown, and I still call it home, though, currently I am living in Denmark.  Most people know me as the founder of hackers.mu.

I am a product of multiple years of sacrifice and patience by my wonderful parents Seeven & Maladevi.

My hobbies include violin practice, solving hard to crack problems (as long as a lot of people find it tough enough, am interested), religion, anthropology,  history, the Harappan archaeological dig sites,  internet policies, inventions, Cars, Motorbikes, Physics, Chemistry, Programming, Human language, Psychology, the human body, evolution, cooking, politics and general experimentation about anything new or old.

I have even been a Tamil Archagar at some point, helping along my dad who has been an Archagar (Tamil Priest) for several years, now it seems it is my brother Poulaven who seems to be rocking in that field.

I am a Computer scientist, I work mainly as a Developer and a DevOps (can’t really do just one of it, I end up missing the other one if i stick to only one thing). I am mostly doing Linux/BSD based projects most of the times, but at times, I have been known to shift to Windows or OSX platforms if there is a need to.  In a way, I am a jack of all trades when it comes to computing, not necessarily a Master at anything, but I learn pretty fast, and have a wider depth of what is around, over the years, it has become instinctive for me to easily go deep into any subject whenever I need to.


I am soon to be Married to my lovely Girlfriend Ashvina and I am looking forward to it.



I am usually pretty silent, and prefer not to speak too much, because most of the time, I don’t feel the need to. But I do enjoy a debate once in a while, specially among topics i love.

There are many things I do not agree with the world, for example, simple stuffs like:

  • The world’s definition of what Vegeterianism is. Seriously, I believe it is wrong, India started Vegetarianism, eggs were never part of it, I blame the brits on that, and obviously, most indian origin youngsters who never even care learning some history. Well this is a very long debate.
  • Our system of justice (around the world), while I do believe our system of justice was implemented with all good intentions, I don’t believe that someone who studied only Languages and a set of “rules” (the law) is in any position to judge anyone’s action. Granted, that I do believe that that set of rules allows us to function properly in society, but there are so many ways with science that one can get around any legal rules (or just pay someone else who can contour it via using more rules), so is that truly fair to all other people who can’t contour it?  Well this is a long debate too.
  • Feminism, come on in modern time having such a thing is disgusting. Why? Well, it is a Group that openly Practices Sexism under the pretense that the world are sexist towards woman. Come on, live you life there’s no ‘men’s right’ and ‘women’s right’ it should just be human right. I really look down on feminist, as in, I consider my dog to be more intelligent that a feminist. They are even responsible for screwing up most action movies nowadays.
  • I don’t like lime or lemon to be added to soda water, why do people do that?
  • I don’t like pineapple on pizza.
  • illegality of human cloning, what is wrong with that? People are scared, but I believe it should be legal but controlled, a lot of people who lacks body parts can get body parts generated for them if we perfected our art of human cloning.


More about me later on.