Month: June 2015

The great debate

Warning: This article in no way was meant as a form of flame, I just wanted to clarify what seems to be going on in the Mauritian blogosphere, I usually do not do that as I have better things to do. Also, if someone is telling you that this article is crap, please ensure that […]

New facebook infection trending?

Hi all it seems a lot of you have started to get infected on facebook, infected people starts by sending people on their friendlist a link on which there’s a nice pic of a video with a lady with a cute cleavage, see image:   When you click on the link, you shall get an […]

Implications of Free Facebook in Mauritius

I usually wouldn’t be posting such stuffs, but I just wanted to be spoil the party. 😀 For fun. Apparently, orange is going to give out free Facebook access to its subscribers from June the 1st. The rules are apparently: Uploading pictures will costs. Accessing it via mobile is free, I suppose its Minimum […]

Delete files less than XMB

Hi, thought this might come in handy to people,  kind of got a situation where i had lots of rubbish <30M files that i needed to wipe out, did it like this: find ./ -type f -size -30M -exec rm -f {} +   ofcourse there are several ways to do this, this is just […]