Month: March 2013

Quakelive maps not downloading?

Well am playing from OSX and i’ve been having some maps not downloading at times, i guess it must be some flags not clearing specially after I’ve cancelled the loading of a map and decided to play it at a later time.


Anywyaz, go in the quakelive console, type

\condump quakeliveselven.log


then view the log file at /Users/selven/Library/Application Support/QuakeLive/quakelive/home/baseq3


In my case i had :

8819 files in pk3 files
ERROR: DL_BeginDownload called with a download request already active
Failed to initialize download for


So i just went to

/Users/selven/Library/Application Support/QuakeLive/quakelive/baseq3

and manually downloaded the quake hiddenfortress .pk3 there.



Quakelive from Mauritius

I know that playing Quakelive from Mauritius tends to suck because of our high pings, but guess what, there’s new servers from Korea, so now our pings drops from 400 to 175! Hurray!

(for some reasons sorting by closest servers should have work, but it doesn’t )

So here’s how you change those servers to use korean’s machines (Click on play online, then click on Customize):








Choose the korea server, and save!






Happy fragging.

My nick is selven_blah btw 🙂 so a hi in a match would be appreciated 😀