Month: October 2015

Graylog Message in/out throughput

Graylog is a very interesting tool, which if you are administering really huge systems, is worth to have.

But sometimes we may want some of it data programatically, while graylog is awesome and has an awesome REST API and has nice documentation, recently, I wanted to know if there was a mean to get the message in/out throughput that usually appears on its dashboard, it was crazy, its something that’s supposed to be easy, since we basically have ALL information via its API.


So this is what I was looking for:

Screen Shot 2015-10-12 at 14.20.21


After not finding anything, I decided to dig around myself, hohohoho, found that lil bugger, and thanks to the awesomeness of jq, we can find it quick, e.g


curl -s '' |jq '.gauges|.["org.graylog2.throughput.input.1-sec-rate"].value'
curl -s '' |jq '.gauges|.["org.graylog2.throughput.output.1-sec-rate"].value'

Cool, end of story.

Jenkins Git hub Pull request plugin issues

Seems at times if you are grepping a lot of these in your log messages

(Symptoms could be that jenkins is not processing your pull requests not is it displaying anything on your github)

SEVERE: Helper is null and Project is not disabled, unable to run trigger

Well it seems, if such a thing happens, ensuring that you have your Github project properly defined in your jenkins configuration is the issue. If it is not properly defined, then you will be getting this (e.g if it is blank).



What if you keep getting the issue despite changing it??

That’ll probably be because you are a moron, 😀 you should restart jenkins (restart safely) once you did any of those changes.