Author: selven

Docker bitchin

Shifting from RedHat/CentOS environment to a more Debian based system (Ubuntu 16.04) for my work desktop recently, I encountered some weird issues with Docker. Well, after the installation of docker and docker-compose, I kept getting some issues like the following whenever i would docker-compose -up   Seems a permission issue.   The fix was to […]

letsencrypt FreeBSD

Hey Folks, I was way busy lately, and I missed out on my renewal period for letsencrypt, plus FreeBSD had some changes for letsencrypt, met with a few erros and thought it might help someone. Note if you are using a Fresh new version of FreeBSD, then you are better off by just doing the […] – operation S.A.D

Defimedia a fait une coverture mediatique sur l’evenement, , mais voici un detailement complet sur les objectives accomplit lor de l’operation S.A.D par C’est quoi un Hackathon? Un “Hackathon” dans le sens traditionnel est un événement  où les développeurs se regroupent pour travailler intensivement sur un ou plusieurs projets de développements des logiciels […]

Empess ekout telefonik

Empess bann zozo ekut ou conversation telefonik! Fer banla mang. (si ou paress et pa envi lire lartik la nett, nek rentre lor playstore/appstore lor ou telefone, et install signal, par openwhisper, dir ou contact osi install ‘signal’ lor so telefone, lerla fer call et sms par signal em, personn pa pou gagne ekout ou […]

The project

  This is a quick and short intro to the project. Got invited to participate in something big to get some programers to hang out together and participate in helping in various opensource projects. While we do try to focus on the security aspects of things, we dont just restrict ourselves to just that. Its […] using “Let’s Encrypt”!

      Following an article written by Logan about Let’s Encrypt, I decided to embark on the journey to try out Let’s Encrypt. Surprisingly, that was pretty easy to get to work on our FreeBSD machine, and as you can check, is successfully verified by Let’s Encrypt, and seems to be working nicely. […]

Graylog Message in/out throughput

Graylog is a very interesting tool, which if you are administering really huge systems, is worth to have. But sometimes we may want some of it data programatically, while graylog is awesome and has an awesome REST API and has nice documentation, recently, I wanted to know if there was a mean to get the […]

Jenkins Git hub Pull request plugin issues

Seems at times if you are grepping a lot of these in your log messages (Symptoms could be that jenkins is not processing your pull requests not is it displaying anything on your github) SEVERE: Helper is null and Project is not disabled, unable to run trigger Well it seems, if such a thing happens, […]